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Since 2019, I have taught students ages 5-62 (yes, really!), and have absolutely loved my time sharing my knowledge and passion for the arts. I teach private virtual musical theatre, acting and audition coaching, individual choreography for pre-screens for college or other auditions, as well as music theory tutoring! I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and a minor in dance, as well as 3 years of in person studio teaching experience. 


My teaching philosophy lies in the individual - making each lesson a unique, tailored experience is something I pride myself on! Prices range depending on what exactly you are wanting to book, so reach out either here, or on Facebook to schedule!

"My daughter has learned how to break out of her shell and become brave and assertive. Miss Patti creates a happy and fun environment everywhere she goes."

- Parent of Student

"Patti worked to develop classroom policies, a curriculum, and spent significant time and energy making sure the class was accessible to children of any level of need."

- Studio Co-Owner

"Her biggest win is that she puts her students first. Students’ success and safety are her priorities. She finds ways to adapt her lesson plans, so every student has the opportunity to succeed."

- Studio Co-Owner


"The classroom environment she creates is the definition of a safe space. It's  obvious when teaching that she takes into consideration all aspects of her students as people and finds a way to help them meet (and often exceed) their goals."

- Co-Teacher

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